What is a Ski Simulator Machine?

What is a Ski Simulator Machine?

With tons of options for different exercises in one piece of equipment, ski simulators are one of the best ways to get a great, low impact cardio workout. That’s right: one machine, endless exercise choices, and one of the best workouts you can get.

More commonly, many people have used rowing machines. Rowing machines have very similar motions to ski simulators, so people who enjoy rowing machines should be interested in a ski simulator, too. A ski simulator is an upright rowing machine with movements that mimic skiing. Even if you’re not a skier, ski simulators are a great exercise machine for people who prefer to stand while working out, fitness buffs looking to try something new, or exercise novices trying to create a sustainable workout routine.

How Does a Ski Simulator Work?

A ski simulator works by offering resistance against your own intensity output. This helps condition the body with intense cardio workouts that mimic how your body reacts to skiing on real slopes. There are numerous exercises you can do on a ski simulator machine, and all of them can be modified or customized to better fit your needs. The motions you make with the ski simulator will reach a variety of muscle groups in your body while giving you a solid cardio workout.

Ski simulators like the SKI-ROW stand straight up and have handles at the end of resistance lines. You pull these handles in different ways to work out different muscle groups by copying motions you may make while skiing. The simple design allows for countless workout options where you can pull, twist, or train in any way you’d like.

You can choose your own intensity level and use the ski simulator as quickly or slowly as you’d like. Faster movements will increase your heart rate more efficiently, but if you are new to working out or new to using a ski simulator, you can start off slow and still feel intense benefits.

What is the Ski-Row?

The SKI-ROW is a first of its kind, all in one cardio and resistance training exercise machine. It has two positions, rowing and ski training. This double action machine brings over a dozen workout options to your home, without taking up the space of two machines. The ski training position has nine different suggested exercises to give you a fantastic workout.

The SKI-ROW brings all of the benefits of cardio and high-intensity interval training into your home through a space saving design. You can customize your workouts to fit your needs without sacrificing the quality of your workout. Plus, the SKI-ROW comes in two different models using two different forms of resistance to further customize your options.

How Does It Work?

The Ski-Row machine is the perfect fit for anyone looking for home gym versatility. There are two models to choose from, the SKI-ROW AIR and the SKI-ROW AIR + PWR. The SKI-ROW AIR only uses air-flywheel resistance, which means that the resistance provided by the machine is dependent on your personal workout intensity. This makes for less resistance from slower movements, and proportionately increases resistance as your intensity and speed increase.

The SKI-ROW AIR + PWR keeps the SKI-ROW AIR’s air-flywheel technology and adds magnetic resistance, giving you the ability to control the resistance beyond your intensity. Set a baseline of resistance that challenges you to add more difficulty to your combination exercises. 

The magnetic resistance allows you to be in full control of your starting intensity or increasing difficulty regardless of your rep speed. You can move slowly while pulling a heavier load, if that’s the workout you need.

Why Ski Train?

Ski training offers full body conditioning and can be done in the form of high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), which burn more calories and fat than any other common form of exercise. This means that you can workout for less time and have a more effective session than if you were biking, running, or weight lifting.

Another reason to ski train using a ski simulator is because it never gets boring. There are countless ways to use a ski simulator to reach your fitness goals. Mix and match exercises in workout, create your own moves, or find new ways to challenge yourself using the machine. No matter how you do it, there is always something that can be modified to make the workout more interesting. You can add twists, pull at different angles, or add squats, hops, or lunges. Make your ski training routine your own.

Biking, running, or weight lifting can become very monotonous quickly. By making sure you never get bored, you’ll find it easier to keep coming back to the ski simulator and working out more than ever before. Just 30 minutes a day can revamp your health and fitness in a short period of time, which won’t be hard to get on the SKI-ROW.

What Exercises Can I Do on a Ski Simulator?

If you’re wondering what moves you can do on the SKI-ROW, we’ve got you covered. With training videos to get you started, you’ll be a home skiing pro in no time doing exercises like:

  • Alternating Arms
  • Alternating Reverse Lunge
  • Butterfly
  • Plyo Jump
  • Overhead Tricep Extension
  • Single Leg Tricep Pull Down
  • Staggered Leg Skiing
  • Woodchopper
  • Straight Arm Pulldown


As you can see, there is tons of variety in this list of ski training exercise ideas, and they are all yours to customize as you see fit. Alternating between exercises and incorporating interval can increase your calorie and fat burn, keep the workout interesting, and reach more muscle groups. You can also focus on one move in particular and do as many reps of one motion as you can until you feel satisfied.

However you choose to ski train at home with the SKI-ROW machine, you are guaranteed a fantastic workout. This machine is fantastic for any home and was designed for smaller spaces. ki training is one of the best cardio workouts you can get, and with this one machine you can make it as intense and varied as you’d like.

Ski training is one of the best forms of high intensity cardio you can get, and it is finally something that you can bring into your own home. This convenience and accessibility makes it easier for you to reach your goals and have a fun, effective workout. Adding the SKI-ROW to your home gym or using it as your sole piece of workout equipment is a fantastic idea for anyone looking to benefit from this type of exercise. With two different models, you can choose your path to fitness and sports conditioning.



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