What Is the Best Exercise Machine for Bad Knees?

What Is the Best Exercise Machine for Bad Knees?

If you have knee problems from an injury, arthritis, or age, it can be difficult staying comfortable and pain-free while exercising. Most exercise machines and home gym equipment like the treadmill, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, a rowing machine, and even some low-impact cardio machines require some level of pressure to be put on the joints. For bad knees, this can be rather damaging. 

If you're suffering from a knee injury, recently had knee surgery, or just have bad knees, it may be hard to find a piece of exercise equipment that works for your needs. Take this into consideration when shopping for your home exercise machine.

When you suffer from knee pain, it can be easy to get discouraged from working out and trying new things. The fear of further injuring yourself or the anticipation of aches and pains to come can easily get in the way of your fitness. It is vital to keep yourself moving in a way that is comfortable for your knees and enjoyable for you. 

Don't let your bad knees negatively impact important muscle groups in your hips, hamstrings, calves, quads, and quadriceps. Your lower body needs an exercise routine, just like your upper body does—and there is a way to do that, without worsening your joint discomfort.

For your knee joints and ankles, it is important to keep them in motion to build strength around them in your hamstring muscles and quads. Building muscle around your joints is also vital for good posture. Muscle growth can be achieved using a good home exercise machine. 

It’s important for your workout to be effective and safe. Your knees should strengthen exercise over time, but it is vital not to overwork them. This doesn't mean you should forgo aerobic exercise altogether or only stick to low-impact exercise. The best exercise equipment for knee issues helps you burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and incorporate HIIT into your routine.

During your workouts, you need to be sure that you are getting your heart rate up without hurting yourself. There are not many exercise machines that can fully accommodate bad knees, but there is one option that stands out above the rest—the SKI-ROW.

Exercise Machine Musts

To get a great workout while protecting your knees by considering how much movement is truly necessary in comparison to how much knee movement your joints can handle. Many machines like indoor rowers, recumbent exercise bikes, or upright bikes require intense knee movement that can cause discomfort or worsening pain for those with existing knee problems. Finding an exercise machine with workout options that require minimal or gentle knee movements is the solution.

Consider which movements the exercise machine makes and how you have to move your body to achieve them. If all of the workout options require more knee movement than you’re okay with, then it is not the right fit for you. However, a versatile machine with options where you can avoid bending the knees too much or twisting them is ideal.

Stay in control of your knee movements, and use exercises within your comfort zone. The Ski-Row Air is very accommodating, offering a wide variety of exercises to mix and match to meet your mobility needs. You’ll never get bored with all of these options.

What Is the Ski-Row?

The Ski-Row is the first of its kind, all in one cardio and resistance training exercise machine. It has two positions- rowing and ski training. This double action machine brings over a dozen workout options to your home, without taking up the space of two machines. The rowing position has six suggested exercises, and the ski training position has nine.

This one machine brings all of the benefits of cardio, interval training, and two separate machines into your home in a space-saving design made to fit most homes. You can modify and customize your workouts to fit your needs and abilities, all without sacrificing the quality of your exercise session.

How Does It Work?

The Ski-Row uses an air-flywheel resistance system, where the machine adjusts the tension you are working against based on your own energy output. How fast and hard you are working out determines how much resistance you will receive from the machine. This means that slower movements will result in lesser resistance, and as your speed and intensity increase, the machine’s resistance will too.

The Ski-Row Air only uses the air-flywheel to provide the resistance curve. That makes this model ideal for people with knee problems, offering the least chance of injury or strain since there is no force against you that is greater than you are prepared for. The Ski-Row Air + Pwr model gives you the option to add consistent resistance with the added magnetic resistance system. This works in addition to the air-flywheel. You stay in control of your resistance but have the ability to add more than your own intensity would trigger from the air-flywheel alone. 

In comparing and contrasting machines with your goals and needs in mind, you can decide which model is for you. But, either way, they will both give you a great workout with a ton of knee-friendly workout options.

Why Is the Ski-Row Ideal for People with Knee Problems?

The Ski-Row is the best exercise machine for bad knees for two reasons. First, rowing and resistance training are known as some of the best exercises for knee issues. This machine offers both! In addition to being some of the best exercise machine types overall, the Ski-Row has more customization options than most other machines making it even more ideal.

There are numerous workouts in both the rowing and ski training positions that you can perform on the Ski-Row that either require very little knee-flexion, or some don’t require it at all. Many of the exercise options can be modified to your needs to accommodate different or limited joint movements. You can go easy on your joints with no need for uncomfortable knee movement.

Keep your focus on your workout by using motions and reps that don’t stress your knees. Eliminating discomfort allows you to keep moving without worry! Sufferers from knee pain can finally rest easy knowing they’ve found the proper equipment for them.

Exercises for Bad Knees

Let’s take a look at the knee-friendly exercises that you can get on the Ski-Row machine. This list includes just a few options that won’t strain your knees. With these moves, you’ll get the most out of your workout while you focus on your reps rather than worry about strain.

The following moves can be made with minimal or no knee-bending movements from the rowing position:

  • Bicep curl
  • Arms Only Row
  • High Row
  • Reverse Overhead Row
  • Single Arm Row

You don’t have to bend your knees at all for these moves in the ski training position:

  • Alternating Arms
  • Butterfly
  • Overhead Tricep Extension
  • Straight Arm 
  • Pull Down

There are tons of options that won’t put added strain on your knees, and plenty of other movements that can be modified to minimize or eliminate knee bending as well. The Ski-Row machine is a great choice for those with knee problems, and you have the choice of two models to best fit your wellness needs and goals.



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