What Equipment Is Best for a Home Gym?

What Equipment Is Best for a Home Gym?

The pandemic took a toll on so many aspects of our lives. Our houses and apartments became the center of our world—our office, our gym, our social hang out, and our home combined into one. It has been difficult for many of us to find a balance between these elements within the same four walls. As reopening begins, you may be eager to return to your pre-pandemic routines, or you may decide that you like everything you need in one place.

If you want to maintain your home workouts, finding the best equipment for your home gym is a necessity. Your space is limited, and you may only have room for one or two machines in your home. If you’re exercising at home, this machine will be your main workout tool. Even if you choose to return to your pre-pandemic routine, it will become your daily go-to for exercise when you aren't at the gym or with personal trainers. 

What Is the Best Type of At-Home Exercise?

Whether you prefer an up-tempo cardio workout, kettlebell weight training, or a full-body workout, you should ensure that you're working different muscle groups throughout the week. Incorporate strength training, cardio, and stretching (alongside the all-important rest days) to hit your fitness goals.

When building a home gym, space for your workout equipment may be a concern. You may love boxing, but it's hard to fit a punching bag and gloves in your living room. Squat racks are great, but you probably would have to choose between making a home for your power rack or your bench. Incline walks are effective, but treadmills are way too huge for many apartments. Smaller equipment like a heart rate monitor, ankle straps, a stability ball, or resistance bands are great, but you can only go so far with gear-assisted bodyweight exercises alone. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) machines are the best home gym equipment because they’re the only tool you’ll need to break a sweat. With just one piece of HIIT equipment, you can target every major muscle group for a full-body HIIT training session. 

HIIT workouts incorporate resistance training. Resistance training builds muscle through external resistance like bands, weights, or a machine. Over time, resistance training will increase your endurance, improve your strength, and boost your overall fitness. HIIT will help you burn calories and fat while building muscle, all from one exercise machine.

That’s where the SKI-ROW machine comes in. This single machine for your home provides numerous workout options, with resistance variations based on your own exercise intensity. You can get everything that you’d experience at the gym, making it one of the best pieces of equipment for your home!

What Is the SKI-ROW?

You don’t need to leave your home for an intense HIIT workout thanks to the SKI-ROW, an innovative, all-in-one ski training and rowing machine. It has two models; the Air model has just an air-flywheel for resistance based on your input, and the Air + Pwr model comes with an added magnetic resistance system for greater intensity. 

With just the air-flywheel, the resistance is fully dependent on your energy input, and it is responsive in that the faster and harder you work, the more resistance it will offer. If you choose the model with the added magnetic resistance, this maintains a baseline for intensity regardless of how fast and hard you are working. Either way, you control your workout intensity, so you can leave your workout feeling satisfied.

These SKI-ROW machines are great for any fitness level since you won’t be struggling with too-heavy weights or too-easy reps. It is completely reactive to you and has more versatility than most other machines you’ll find at the gym.

Is HIIT Effective?

HIIT workouts are adjustable, versatile, and easy to do at home, with lots of flexibility to create a truly custom exercise routine. Your goals and personal abilities drive what you choose to incorporate into your workout. 

HIIT will make your exercise dreams a reality, whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or build endurance. Only HIIT provides this level of calorie burn and muscle gain, and with the right equipment, you can get a challenging and fun HIIT workout in the comfort of your own home.

Calorie Burn

You’ll burn near 25 percent more calories with HIIT training than other common exercises. This allows you to optimize your exercise through efficient and effective movements. Not only will this fit into your busy schedule, but it makes HIIT an ideal form of training if you’re looking to lose weight.

Continued Burn

After your HIIT workout, you’ll continue to burn fat (and calories!) because it boosts your metabolic rate so high. This is called the after-burn effect, in which your oxygen levels stay elevated even after your exercise. Long after you’ve completed your training for the day, your body will keep breaking down fat, protein, and carbs to help build lean muscle mass. 

Gain Muscle

You’ll be burning fat nonstop during your HIIT workout, but you’ll also gain lean muscle. HIIT’s rep cycles and high intensity will combine to help you gain muscle fast, which will also help you burn calories even when resting. 

Why the Ski-Row is the Best Equipment for a Home Gym?

With the SKI-ROW, you’ll find a new level of versatility in your home gym that most other machines cannot offer. You get both rowing and ski training options, with numerous workout options in each position. Bring all the benefits of HIIT home with this one piece of equipment.

The SKI-ROW AIR uses variable air-flywheel resistance to increase tension as you build intensity. The SKI-ROW AIR + PWR adds magnetic resistance into the mix, creating an adjustable baseline of resistance alongside its air-flywheel technology. 

The air-flywheel resistance found in both the SKI-ROW AIR and the SKI-ROW AIR + PWR is relative to your workout intensity, but the magnetic resistance stays stable no matter what your input is. This gives you a higher baseline for intensity but still gives you the air-flywheel’s versatility.

You can conveniently change the magnetic resistance as-needed on the SKI-ROW’s monitor, and the magnetic resistance system creates a dual-pulley system while ski training.

Which Ski-Row Should I Choose?

Choosing the best equipment for your home gym is easy with the SKI-ROW. If you’re struggling to choose either the SKI-ROW AIR or the SKI-ROW AIR + PWR, it all comes down to control. 

Each machine is an effective muscle-building and fat-burning workout, no doubt. The SKI-ROW AIR + PWR simply offers more control over your base tension and includes a dual-pulley system. If you want a machine with a less intense resistance baseline, your best choice is the SKI-ROW AIR. Both machines are perfect for anyone looking for a new addition to their home gym.

How Big Is the Ski-Row?

A common concern for home gym equipment is size. Many home gyms have limited space, and machines need to fit comfortably in your home or apartment. 

Fortunately, the SKI-ROW was invented for smaller spaces. When in the ski training position, it is just 54 inches long and 84 inches tall. In the rowing position, it expands to 103 inches long. Measure your space to ensure the SKI-ROW is a good fit for your home.


The SKI-ROW is the best piece of equipment for your home gym. It delivers a gym quality workout right to your home workout space, and it delivers results. Continuously burn calories and fat while resting, build muscle, and lose weight—all from one machine. 

No need for weight stacks, personal training, or cable machines with the SKI-ROW! This durable machine provides a lifetime of different exercises for everything from your upper body to your lower body and everywhere in between. Don't forget to cool down on your yoga mat or with your foam roller to enjoy all of the SKI-ROW’s muscle-building benefits. Free weights, weight stack, and weight plates be gone!

You’ll never get bored with the SKI-ROW’s skiing and rowing workouts, and you won’t miss the gym. Choose from two different models, and adjust your training to give you the workout you need and bring you closer to your goals.



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