All in One Exercise Machine for a Home Gym

All in One Exercise Machine for a Home Gym

Home, work, and exercise were all pushed into one place during the COVID-19. We got used to exercising without an instructor or gym membership, and we didn't have access to our favorite indoor cycling studios, personal trainers, or cable machines. 

With everything reopening, some people are returning to their regular studio routines while others are looking to maintain the simplicity of working out from the comfort of their own home. The best home gyms help with strength training for every muscle group, allow for a cardio workout, and have space for a yoga mat to cool down. 

That said, it can be hard to imagine cramming a full gym experience into your home. It may seem like you need a bowflex, dumbbells, a Smith machine, stability balls, barbells, or commercial gym machines to workout effectively. Luckily, a simple setup can provide a lifetime of motivation and get your heart rate rising.

Finding an all in one piece of equipment is a smart home gym move, as it’ll be your main tool for working out. There are so many different types of home workouts, and countless pieces of equipment to choose from like a treadmill, resistance bands, a bench, or a bike. Instead of trying to fit all of these machines into your home gym, you need to find one machine that will cover all your bases.

What is the Best Workout for Home?

Space may be a concern if you’re working out at home. Few of us have room for a full on gym in the house. This is what makes high intensity interval training (HIIT) equipment a great home gym choice. This type of workout is very beneficial for your health and fitness goals, and with an all in one machine, you don’t need anything else to get a full HIIT workout for your lower body, upper body, and everything in-between. That’s right—you can get a complete workout from just one piece of equipment.

Resistance training, which is part of HIIT, is any exercise that engages muscles using external resistance to help you get stronger. The SKI-ROW uses resistance in an innovative and one of a kind exercise machine to build your power and endurance while bettering your overall health.

This machine allows you to do a multitude of workouts that let you experience a full-body gym workout, all from just one piece of equipment. 

What is the Ski-Row?

The Ski-Row is an indoor rowing and ski training tool that brings HIIT to your home. The Ski-Row uses air-flywheel resistance, providing users with a variable resistance curve. This means that the level of resistance from the machine is dependent on the exercise intensity of the user, not some convoluted cable pulley system. Slower, more casual intensities will yield minimal resistance, but as your intensity increases the resistance will, too. This is extremely helpful in preventing injury, and will minimize your risk of straining yourself. You have full control over your workout, and you don’t even have to think about it- it happens on its own.

This allows you to have more control over the resistance level than most other cardio machines you would find at the gym. The Ski-Row is reactive to YOU, rather than providing static resistance to work against. This makes it ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. You won’t find yourself struggling against the weights, nor will you find it too easy. It adjusts itself to you, fully.

How Does HIIT Work?

Now that you know about the Ski-Row and what types of exercise you can perform on it, you’re probably wondering how one machine can do everything. HIIT is an extremely beneficial and effective form of exercise. It is something that you can adjust to fit your personal abilities and goals, and is guaranteed to give you the results you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle gain, or general strength and endurance building, you can maximize your results with short HIIT workouts. It’s unique in that no other form of exercise does it all like this, and it is so easy to do at home with your all in one machine.

Calorie and Fat Burn

HIIT helps you burn more calories than weight training, running or biking by about 25%. You can burn more calories in less time this way, making the absolute most of your time set aside for exercise. This calorie burn speed helps you lose weight, as you’ll be burning fat from rep intervals.

Gain Muscle

While you are burning fat, you’ll also be building muscle. Your reps and intensity will help you build strength, and this added muscle will have you burning more calories while you rest in day to day life, too.

The After Burn Effect

HIIT sessions raise your metabolism for up to 48 hours after your workout, and can keep you burning calories and fat for up to two hours post-workout. This is what some call the after burn effect. Your muscles will continue to restore themselves by breaking down fat and carbs, even when you’re done working out! The benefits of your workout are instantly prolonged well beyond your time spent exercising, just by having done it.

Why the Ski-Row is the Greatest All in One Exercise Machine?

The Ski-Row brings all of those benefits to your home in just one piece of equipment. You can switch between rowing and skiing, with endless options for how to make the most of each machine position. This is a level of versatility never before seen in home gym equipment, and one that you should absolutely take advantage of.

There are two different models of the Ski-Row to choose from, with the main difference being the sources of resistance. The Ski-Row Air only uses air-flywheel resistance, while the Ski-Row Air + Pwr uses magnetic resistance as well. This gives consistent resistance, rather than a variable.

What is Magnetic Resistance?

Magnetic resistance is constant tension held in the machine, regardless of your speed or intensity. While the air-flywheel’s resistance is solely based on your input, the magnetic resistance will remain constant against you. This raises the starting point of the resistance curve, giving you a more intense baseline. But, you still have the benefit of the air-flywheel’s variability.

Magnetic resistance also allows you to change your resistance from the monitor, rather than a damper, for added convenience in your workout. Plus, with the magnetic resistance, you can create a totally safe dual-pulley system when the machine is in the raised ski trainer position.

Which Ski-Row is Right for Me?

Choosing an all in one exercise machine doesn’t have to be hard, though it can be daunting to think of choosing one single item to fit all your needs. Let’s simplify the choice- if you’re torn between the Ski-Row Air and the Ski-Row Air + Pwr, there is one main difference to consider. Both models will give you a great HIIT or cardio workout. The main difference between the two that you would need to consider is how much control you’d like to have over your workout’s intensity.

Both models will have you sweating and can bring you closer to your goals in just a week. But if you’re looking for a more dynamic machine with greater control over the resistance, then the Ski-Row Air + Pwr is right for you. Regardless of which you choose, either model is a perfectly effective all in one machine

The Ski-Row is the ideal all in one piece of home gym equipment. It brings everything you could get at the gym that is accessible to you with this one machine. HIIT workouts are fantastic for your health, and you have a wide range of training options to get your reps in at one place. Lose weight, build muscle, and continuously burn more thanks to this all-in-one machine.

Ski-Row users love the machine for its endless workout options, keeping you from ever getting bored. This machine brings a full gym to you in one space saving design, where you can adjust your exercise movements and routines to best fit your needs and personal fitness goals. 

You don't need weight stacks, weight plates, power rods, incline treadmills, or a dip bar to see results in real time. With two different models to choose from, and the ability to customize your workout, the Ski-Row is the only all in one exercise machine you need to try.



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