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Love this machine

I absolutely love this machine, is a Time saver, and more importantly a space saver. They shifted faster than I expected, great customer service

It's really like 3 machines

Living in California with gyms still being closed. This thing is a life saver. Having used everything on the market over the years. This is an amazing addition to my home routine. Great full body workout. Its really like 3 machines. Rower, ski and cable pull down. Granted you cant do a ton of resistance but the pump is awesome!

This machine is no joke

Absolutely love this machine. I was looking into a Concept 2 Rower & skierg, but didnt feel like waiting the months to receive it & couldnt justify the price tag. I was sketched out initially by the Energyfit skirow due to not being able to find very many reviews on it, but I decided to try it. I received the machine in less than two weeks which I was very happy with. I did have minor issues with assembly, but I contacted Energyfit & within 5 mins they had helped me solve the issue through Facetime. Assembly took roughly 2 hours by myself, but I took my time making sure I put everything together right. Once it was assembled, I had to try skiing for the first time in my life. I lasted roughly 30 seconds before I was saturated in sweat & near death from a heart attackthis machine is no joke. After owning it for nearly a month now, Ive had no issues with the machine & I ski and row on it every morning before work. I saved a load of money & a lot of room in my house purchasing the ski row & I couldnt be happier with my decision. I highly recommend it. (I went with the power which makes a huge difference, but you can still get an insane workout without the magnetic resistance).

Take up little space

This is an awesome addition to my home gym! Takes up little space in the ski position and transitions to a rower with the slightest effort. Would definitely recommend it!

Recommended to my old crossfit community

I am used to the Concept 2 rower as I come from the CrossFit world. I came across your SKI-ROW device and was intrigued with having 2 machines in 1. As we all transition to home gyms, this is the perfect machine that doesnt take up much room. I am excited to pair it with a recent heart rate monitor to push my work rate safely. I am happy so far and have recommended the SKI-ROW to my old CrossFit community.

I like the smoothness

I was looking to buy both a separate ski and row machine originally, but after finding out about the SKI-ROW I was sold. Ive used both the chain type of CrossFit rower as well as water rowers, and I like the smoothness of the air/magnetic resistance of SKI-ROW much better. The hydraulic action that moves from rower to skier was a further bonus (it literally takes 2 seconds to convert back and forth). The stats on the console seem pretty accurate and it paired perfectly with my existing heart rate monitor. Assembly was as-promised in the 30-60 minute range, and all tools were included. Very happy with the purchase.

Excellent quality

I am an Ironman triathlete, HIIT, sandbag, kettlebell, OCD fitness nut. I love cross training. Rowing is such a great steady state or HIIT modality, as is Ski Erg. This machine is of excellent quality. The two in one capability is perfection and the company, order process, status updates, shipping and assembly instructions were all nothing but flawless. Best experience of any fitness equipment purchase I have ever made.

Love the space saving design

I am enjoying my SKI-ROW, love the space saving design and ease of use. Product arrived quickly and I have been pleased with the great customer service.

Variety so I don't get bored

This is a great product to complete my home gym. With not enough room for two pieces of cardio equipment the ski-row was perfect. It gives me variety so I dont get bored. The quality is great and it was super easy to put together. I am super happy with this product!

Best decision I've made

Best decision Ive made!! Having the benefits of both machines in one compact piece is a work of wonder. It is the perfect addition to my small home gym setup and gives me a great workout everyday!


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2 in 1 mahcine

We are very happy with this purchase. It was a little more difficult to assemble than we anticipated, but we have not had any issues since. The functionality of a 2 in 1 machine in a small garage gym cant be beat. The rower glides smoothly without catching, very comparable to a Concept 2. The skier offers a good variation to the row and can be easily converted by putting the arm back up after stepping on the foot pedal. We are glad we purchased and would recommend.

So easy to put together

Ive had my Ski Row Air for a week. I LOVE it. Was so easy to put together I was able to put together with no assistance and Im not mechanically inclined at all. The Ski erg punished my core. A great addition to my home gym just in time for winter in the mid west U.S.

Solid quality

I purchased the Ski Row Air a few weeks ago. It was easy to put together and is of solid quality. I love how it folds up and down abs can be moved around with limited space. Great machine and would definitely recommend to anyone with a home gym.

Perfect combination

After multiple knee surgeries and a full knee replacement on one knee, I was looking for equipment that would allow me to get in as much erging as my knees will allow, but also provide me with the opportunity to focus on other parts of my body for full fitness without involving leg drive. This is the perfect combination of the two. The rowing is smooth, the seat is comfortable, and the monitor gives me all the info I need. I no longer can focus on leg drive and pressure like before, so this is awesome. The ski erg is smooth, and there are many ways to use it to isolate specific muscle groups. Its a really well designed machine!

Pleased with this product

I have active athletes that like variations in their work out. I have a small gym that I have built and always looking to at more equipment were I can utilize in small place and the ski row fit just fine and i can be more pleased with this product.

Works perfectly

I just got my ski-row-air and both features work perfectly.

Fits in garage perfectly

Very solid and easy to move around. The seat is one of the most comfortable that Ive sat on. It fits in my single car garage perfectly and allows space for my other equipment. Ive had it for over a month now and I enjoy it.

My wife loves the ski workout

I love this combination of ski and row in one machine. My wife loves use the ski on her workout and I like the rower to incorporate in my functional fitness routine so this machine is the best for both us! The customer service manager Mark was also very helpful in sending instructions via phone and text. He was very patient with me on the phone to make sure I have everything that I need. I did not expect them to call me right away after I emailed them my dilemma in putting it together. Customer service at its finest!

I've gotten more creative in my workouts

Hands down a great workout thats combined in a full body exercise! I have gotten even more creative in my workouts! I absolutely love my new machine and would highly recommend it to anyone!

My coach is a huge fan of the ski

I purchased this as my gym was shut down and I needed an alternative to riding a peloton. I saw the ski row as a great alternative to the rowers at the gym and I also always wanted to try the ski erg. This item shipped super quick and I am very happy with this purchase. My coach who does my programming also approves of this purchase as hes a huge fan of the ski. Great space saver.